Terms and Conditions - 9th October 2011

  1. Uncle Eric's Pet Care and Susan's Cleaning Services

1.1 Any prior bookings which are cancelled MUST be told to either Susan or Eric, no later than 6pm the day before (for pet care), and 24hrs notice (for cleaning) otherwise you will be charged.

1.2 No member of our staff will tolerate any abuse (verbal or physical) by customers regarding the services provided by us. We reserve the right to cancel our services to you if this occurs without notice. If you have a problem consult other members of your household first to ensure you have been fully informed of all events, then if that fails contact Eric or Susan as soon as possible about it. DO NOT wait until the next appointment

1.3 Whilst we would prefer all payments to be in cash to keep bank costs down, we are happy to take payment from you in the form of cheques or direct bank payments (please ask for bank account details). However if your cheque fails to clear for whatever reason and we incur any bank charges, you will be billed for these charges and if necessary any costs will be claimed back by the legal system.

1.4 All employees will be fully insured for the job they undertake. Anyone who is required to be in charge of keys to your home will only be given them upon us receiving a satisfactory full police check carried out on them. Any person employed by Susan's Cleaning Services will be working either alongside Susan or on their own.


  1. Uncle Eric's Pet Care Services

2.1 We reserve the right to shorten the length of time of our contractual walking agreement due to any unforeseen circumstances which may affect the completion of our daily routine. (such as but not limiting to,  bad weather, road works, vehicle problems, medical emergencies etc)

2.2 Permanent fixed day bookings will take priority, (eg every Monday to Friday, or every Wednesday and Thursday) followed by a first come first served basis. On occasions we may not have enough time to include your dog for the requested short or long walk for last minute bookings. However we will be there for your dogs for at least a toilet break, even if this is as short as only 5 or 10mins, and we will still charge you for the minimum short walk price.

2.3 When we originally visit you for dog walking purposes, we ask what hours of the day you will be out of the house. We use this information to best allocate a time of day for your dogs walk. (eg those out of the house longest say from 6am – 6pm will be given priority around 12pm). We class the hours between 11.00am and 2.00pm as around lunch time. So if we have your dog at anytime during these hours we will fulfil our lunch time obligations.

  1. Susan's Cleaning Services

3.1 We will provide basic cleaning materials, such as cloths, bleach, kitchen cleaner, polish etc, but any specialist cleaning materials will be provided by the client.

3.2 When we originally estimate the time to clean a house from top to bottom, it is based on a clutter free house. Any clutter around the house will have to be moved to enable cleaning to take place. This will obviously take time to move things and take valuable time away from actual cleaning. We are hired for cleaning for a FIXED time only, not until the job is done. We will not be responsible to stay over the allotted time if your house is cluttered.

3.3 Whilst we will clean for the elderly and infirm and may on occasions make them a cup of tea if asked, we are NOT trained nor insured to act as a home help or administer medication or first aid of any sort.


Eric and Susan Lovett
Owners of Uncle Eric's Pet Care Services and Susan's Cleaning Services

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