Kind Testimonials (Uncle Eric's previously known as WAGGS)
"We are so pleased to have found Waggs, as the service provided by Eric and Susan is second to none. We have a precious Golden Retriever called Charlie who just loves to go out on his walks on the fell with Eric. They are very professional and nothing is too much trouble even when I give them very short notice! Most of all they are genuine dog lovers............and it shows!"

Paul, Julie & Charlie. Edmundbyers


We have used the services of WAGGS since Oct 2008 and are completely satisfied. We are a professional couple with a 2 years old boxer and sometimes work long hours.

Since Alfie was a puppy, we used the services of another dog walker which didn't work out. Alfie often had injuries which were either unexplained or the explanation for which was quite vague. He quickly developed a habit of not doing his business whilst out and holding himself (no matter how long the walk) until reaching the sanctuary of home. We realised that this was more than likely due to him being bullied by other dogs. The final straw came when Alfie returned home lame and the dog walker had failed to offer any kind of explanation.

We then had to find someone reliable and trustworthy. Eventually, someone who had used WAGGS and highly recommended them, put us in touch with Eric Lovett. We haven't looked back since. WAGGS is a completely reliable service and Alfie is totally happy with Eric who turns up (no matter what the weather) to ensure he gets his daily walk. Eric keeps us informed, either by text or email, of Alfie's progress and if there are any minor ailments or concerns, Eric is sure to make us aware. Within a week of Eric walking Alfie, Alfie was acting like a normal dog and doing his business when out for a walk. He now must rank amongst the top 1% of contented dogs!

WAGGS has been an absolute God send to us - a service we would struggle to cope without now and worth every penny.

S Raine, Annfield Plain


"I had cause to contact Waggs after having my Bullmastiff bitch,Evie, mated to a stunning Champion up in Renfrewshire. She had produced a litter of 10 babies before with no complications whatsoever. However,this time her ultrasound scan showed only two puppies present. Call it intuition but I had a strange feeling from the moment her pregnancy was confirmed that things weren't destined to go right this time.

Just after the confirmation,I contacted Waggs and spoke to Eric . I explained that I was a disabled lady,my partner was a pensioner and neither of us had access to transport as we didn't drive. Sure....we had one or two friends who could PERHAPS help but that depended on their circumstances. Eric,however,assured me that he would do all he could to help. He took the details of the "out of hours" vet through at Felling ..including directions of how to get there in case he was needed night or day.

On October 31st Evie showed signs of being in labour. We called Eric who immediately got us to the vet as the vet wanted to give her a thorough check straight away.

She was sent home but we were told she was dilated and obviously in labour. The vet suggested we take her home to see if things progressed naturally. If not they wanted her back in the clinic at 6pm.

Things didn't go well and we had to call on Waggs to get her back to the vet. She was given a C-Section just after 6pm and gave birth to two little boys.

Once again we relied on Eric to be our chauffuer at around 10pm when she was allowed to come home .

Throughout it all,we found Eric to be a very pleasant caring person. He even tried to lift our Evie into his car so she wouldn't hurt herself (not an easy thing to do with a 10st Bullmastiff!) .  He also informed me that he would be keeping his phone by his bedside in case we needed him during the night.

We used Waggs again 5 days after her C-Section as she needed a check-up and the 5 days later when she needed her stitches removed. And always we were graced with a prompt,caring and excellent service.

Sadly ,one of our puppies didn't make it . It was very hard to lose him. But I thought it only right to inform they had been instrumental in Evie's safe delivery. Susan took the call and she was as upset as I was.

I would highly recommend these two wonderful people and their caring family to pet lovers everywhere. There should be more people on this planet like them. It would be a much richer place.

Once again,thank you so much to Waggs for their ultimate top class service.


Highly recommended by Maria, Ian and Briargrove Bullmastiffs


 "Having just seen 2 vans full of dogs on a hot summers days I am once again thankful that I chose to use Uncle Eric's Pet Care Services.

My dog is given the 1-2-1 tailored care and attention that she deserves. From the moment of stepping outside of her home, her walk commences, there is no fear of her being driven around the County in a van full of strange dogs or having to share her walk with several other dogs which may intimidate her or worse.

Her walk is tailored to her needs and I know she is in very good hands. She is safe and secure as she is always kept on a lead which is an extended lead to allow her some freedom whilst still remaining secure.

She has Eric's undivided attention, and if there are any problems or concerns with her health and well being, I know I will receive a call or text swiftly from Eric to keep me informed. On returning home her paws are cleaned if needs be, water is checked and she is left with a treat.

I really value Eric's dog walking service and cannot recommend him enough. I allow very few people to walk my dog and I have full faith in Eric's sensible and sensitive approach.

C Bainbridge, South Stanley


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